1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding

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Following the events of the first film , Finn's younger sister Bianca has been allowed to play with their father's Lego collection; in the LEGO universe, this is represented by the arrival of Duplo aliens. Emmet Brickowski builds the aliens a heart as a token of friendship, but one eats it and demands more.

Lucy and the Master Builders interpret this as an attack and retaliate, and the ensuing battle ravages Bricksburg. Emmet tries to assure Lucy that "Everything can still be awesome. Five years later, the now-teenaged Finn has rebuilt Bricksburg into a post-apocalyptic wasteland known as "Apocalypseburg", explained in the LEGO universe as the result of repeated Duplo invasions. While this new life has hardened most of the citizens, Emmet remains upbeat, building a dream home for himself and Lucy, who fears the home will invite another attack, and tells Emmet he needs to adapt to their harsh new world.

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Emmet himself is troubled by a vision of an impending cataclysm dubbed "Armamageddon". There, Queen Watevera Wa'Nabi tempts the group into supporting her; although Batman is initially tricked into agreeing to marry Wa'Nabi, the two eventually fall in love. Meanwhile, Emmet tries to convince the Master Builders that they need to rescue the captured characters, but they refuse to help, so he converts his house into a spaceship and travels through "the Stairgate" out of the basement where he is saved from an asteroid field by rugged adventurer Rex Dangervest. Emmet begins to toughen up by mimicking Rex, hoping to impress Lucy.

Lucy and her friends are taken to a spa, but believing that the others are being brainwashed with music, Lucy escapes to find Emmet. Concluding that the wedding is a front for Armamageddon, Emmet devises a rescue plan: Lucy will switch off the music defending the Space Temple where the wedding will take place, and Emmet will destroy the reception cake, encased in the temple, to stop the wedding. However, Mayhem explains to Lucy that the wedding is a way to unite their two worlds to forestall Armamageddon, as reflected by Bianca's desire to have Finn play with her.

At the ceremony, Wa'Nabi reveals her original form, the heart Emmet gave the aliens, and Lucy learns that her friends were not brainwashed, but simply having fun. Realizing Rex has sinister motives, Lucy tries to stop Emmet but, aided by Rex, he destroys the temple. Emmet realizes his mistake but is seized by Rex, and Lucy is knocked into the real world, where Finn angrily destroys Bianca's LEGO temple wedding cake. Rex reveals that he is an embittered version of Emmet from the future; abandoned for years underneath a clothes dryer after crashing in the asteroid field, he became Rex " R adical E mmet X treme" and to save his past self, constructed a time machine.

Out of bitterness over being neglected, Rex has tricked his past self into bringing about Armamageddon "Our mama gets in", Lucy realizes , which he explains what is happening in the real world right now: Bianca and Finn's mother is fed up with their bickering and forces them to put away their LEGO sets. When Emmet refuses to give up on his friends, Rex throws him under the dryer. Everything in the LEGO universe begins to crumble and fall into the dark hole of the "Bin of Storajj", as Finn and Bianca dismantle their creations and place them in storage bins.

Discouraged, everyone sings "Everything's Not Awesome", but Lucy convinces them not to give up hope; Finn rebuilds the heart for Bianca, reviving Wa'Nabi and in turn restoring the LEGO universe, allowing the others to escape from the storage bin in various spacecraft to save Emmet and stop Rex. Emmet and Lucy overpower Rex and destroy his flux capacitor , preventing him from escaping to the past. Emmet's self-acceptance causes Rex to fade from existence, and Emmet and Lucy reconcile. In the real world, Finn and Bianca's mom has a change of heart upon seeing them playing together, and allows them to rebuild their LEGO creations.

President Business briefly returns and attempts to praise the inhabitants for settling their differences, but is accidentally blown out of the LEGO universe.

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Emmet's dream house is rebuilt, and Lucy gifts him an original album of " Everything Is Awesome ", revealing that she co-originated the song. It was also reported that Will Arnett might return to reprise his role as Batman, but had not decided yet. In October , Warner Bros. Also Lin said that due to the success of competing Disney musical films like Frozen and Moana , the sequel was going to include more songs.

The production of the film took advantage of Animal Logic 's latest update to its trace renderer, Glimpse, to improve on-screen detail and depth-of-field. The film is dedicated to Charie Miller, Christopher Miller's mother, who died on December 27, , before the film was released. The Lego Movie 2 ' s narrative starts after the events of the first film, just as Finn's toddler sister Bianca starts to play with Duplo blocks and tries to take over Bricksburg.

1,001 ways to have a dazzling second wedding, by Sharon Naylor

In the intervening years, Bianca has taken more of the Lego sets to incorporate into her own creations. The animation team recognized that girls would likely not only use Lego bricks but also incorporate other materials, such as fabrics and paper, creating a challenge for their rendering team. They wanted these elements to appear as if a child was manipulating them through their stop-motion animation process. They explored multiple design styles for each playset that is within Bianca's room, the "Systar System", and developed new animation approaches for some of these styles, including using fewer frames as in inbetweening.

They also incorporated the Lego Friends line of toys aimed at girls, which include mini-dolls like General Sweet Mayhem. However, unlike traditional Lego mini-figurines, the Lego Friends' mini-dolls do not have the same articulation, for example, having no separate leg movement or wrists that rotate. The production team, working with Lego, did not want to create walking and movement patterns that did not match the articulation the real figurines could do, and came up with creative solutions for animating these in the film. This also created a challenge for at least one song and dance number; production brought in a choreographing team to help plan out the dance taking into account for the restrictions of movement for the mini-figures.

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For Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, the production team decided to simply assign a pile of random Lego bricks for her, but required that each of the forms that she could shape-shift into used only those bricks from that pile. Lord and Miller had considered figures that would be unexpected within the film, with Ginsburg as one of their ideas. They received Ginsburg's blessing for this appearance, though she did not perform any voice work for this role. Subsequently, the Ginsburg mini-figure will be made as part of the movie's toy line. Gal Gadot was to also reprise her role as Wonder Woman from the DC Extended Universe, replacing Cobie Smulders from the previous film, [48] but Smulders ended up returning shortly before the film's release.

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Daniel Radcliffe was originally set to voice a look-like of his Harry Potter known as Larry Potter, but his scene was ultimately cut. It was revealed by Mike Mitchell that Radcliffe's cameo was deleted due to not wanting to risk anything that would upset the Harry Potter fandom. The character was replaced by Larry Poppins another look-alike character based on a British media icon. Following the same attempt to create an earworm with the first film's " Everything Is Awesome ", the producers of the film created a similar song for the sequel, called " Catchy Song ", which principally features as its only lyric the repeated phrase "This song's gonna get stuck inside your head".

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According to Lajoie, he found that "Everything is Awesome" was "annoyingly catchy", and the only way that they could outdo that was "Dial the 'annoying' up to 11! Producer Dan Lin said that due to the success of competing Disney musical films like Frozen and Moana , the sequel was going to include more songs. Mark Mothersbaugh , who composed the first film's soundtrack, as well as the score for The Lego Ninjago Movie , returned to compose the score for the sequel. The film was released one day earlier in Denmark.

On June 4, , the first poster was released along with an announcement that the first teaser trailer would be released the following day. Just like the first film, Lego released a toyline theme of over 20 sets based on scenes from the film, including collectable Minifigures. The video uses the titular song.

It includes the short Emmet's Holiday Party , the filmmakers commentary and a sing-along version, among others. Deadline Hollywood attributed the low opening to franchise fatigue due to the release of two spin-offs prior to The Lego Movie 2 , as well as Warner Bros. The website's critical consensus reads, "While it isn't quite as much fun as its predecessor, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part fits neatly into an animated all-ages franchise with heart and humor to spare. Jesse Hassenger of The A. Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly says that while it was better than most other films it didn't recapture the surprise of the first film, saying "Everything is still awesome.

Just a little bit less so. The trailer for the film was nominated for a Golden Trailer Award. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Library Links. Full Event Calendar.

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1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding 1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding
1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding 1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding
1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding 1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding
1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding 1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding
1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding 1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding
1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding 1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding
1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding 1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding

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