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Backstabing him is a good idea. After that, go down and unlock another Mistle.

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Where can I improve equipment? What are Valuables? It's not even funny anymore, and it's not worthwhile for me to write an actual review.


View all 33 comments. I thought this book was bloody brilliant! It starts right off with the killing of some royals.

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Em, Damien and Aren are on a quest to infiltrate the enemy in order to take said enemy out. Em poses as a princess to marry a prince from the enemy camp and Aren goes as one of her guards. Em and the crew are Ruined and live in Ruina. Most of the Ruined have special powers. Em, unfortunately di I thought this book was bloody brilliant! Em, unfortunately didn't get this particular gene but she made up for it in becoming a pretty bad to the bone fighter. Em is on a quest to find her sister Olivia that was taken when their family was murdered.

Olivia is a force to be reckoned with herself. There was a scene that made me so mad and upset I wanted to set a bomb off on those evil people. Fear of the unknown drives people to do stupid things. The same thing is true when evil people put that fear in you. No side is really right, they are both wrong, but that doesn't mean you slaughter and kill the innocents that had nothing to do with it. Anyhoo, like I said, Em pretends to be someone else and marries Prince Cas in order to infiltrate the castle and see if she can find her sister and take out the enemy that killed her family.

But, things don't all go as planned. Em finds that Cas is nothing like his evil father and they do form a sort of bond. Hopefully it all works out for them. I hope it all goes well for both sides and they open their eyes and quit being stupid.

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But alas. View all 37 comments. Oct 13, C. Just kidding. I have so much more to say than that. But I actually shut this book, looked at my dog and said, "So so so good. Do not be like my dog. I had a feeling I would adore this before I started because a epic fantasy, and b Amy Tintera. So I basically will emblazon upon my forehead that I am an Tintera fan.

I'll read whatever she writes. Do we get a fandom name? Tintera Horde? Excuse me, my name is Fussy. I read a lot of epic fantasy were the worlds are poorly built, but this? It was only missing a map, seriously It managed to give me THREE races of people that all stood apart, didn't have confusing names, and had interesting and different cultures. Um, wait. That sounds bad. I really love when their are races pitted against each other: but in Ruined you honestly can't pick which is the "Good" side.

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The magical people the Ruined are being hunted and killed by the Lera. More killer than whale though, fyi. And then the Lera?


The Lera King is bad news. So honestly everyone was evil and I am a fan. Em literally meets people, acts all polite, and meanwhile is plotting how to kill them. Like, don't we all? They're basically doing the wedding dance and she's thinking how she could stab him. I laughed out!

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It is my favourite. I wanted to quote every bit of dialogue here, honestly. My wife didn't smother me with a pillow. Must be love!

I had perfectly interesting plot. It managed to use a LOT of average-epic-fantasy-tropes and yet twist them to be unique. It gave us the cliche "tough female protagonist who don't need no man" but also made her super relatable and venerable.

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Also she's on a quest to find her little sister!! The murder and mayhem were BIG. Like blood is shed, folks, lots of blood, lots of shedding. It didn't shy away from killing darlings. The romance never drowns the plot, but it's a gorgeous addition. And the magic is stunning and vicious. The Ruined can like split people from the inside out. They are freaking awesome. Oh and the ending? It's nearly a cliffhanger I mean, it is but it's also satisfying. Mad characters prevail. All the Ruined are gnashing their teeth and getting ready to pop skulls. So basically perfect book is perfect.

But then. I ain't complaining. This is it. It's a rule. She grabbed the bun and took a small bite. It was soft and chewy, with a hint of cheese flavour, and she took a second, bigger bite. The marriage might not have worked out if you didn't. The union between Lera and Vallos destroyed over cheese bread. He let out an exaggerated sigh.

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