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Acting to protect the public, the NMC has struck off from their register and suspended 2 nurses as a result of these hearings. This includes two nurses who falsified accident and emergency discharge times, [26] two nurses involved in the death of a diabetic patient [27] and a nurse who physically and verbally abused a dementia patient.

NHS scandals at Stafford Hospital (04Feb13)

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NHS nurses - uncaring, or just too busy?

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Executive Summary.

Recent Articles & Resources on Professionalism in Healthcare Settings | A Better NHS

Gabel, S. Physician leaders and their bases of power: common and disparate elements. Gardner, H. Mahatma Gandhi: A hold upon others. In: Creating Minds. An Anatomy of Creativity. New York, Basic Books. Creativity Research Journal ; 6 : See also the websites — www. The minute video clip below shows Howard Gardner, a psychologist and Harvard University Professor, outlining his Goodwork project. Gerada, C. Doctors, suicide and mental illness.

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The Patient Experience Library

The Francis report: what you permit, you promote. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine , : PDF FIle. Hawkes, N.

Professor Russell Mannion

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The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book
The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book
The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book
The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book
The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book The BMJ Mid Staffordshire Inquiry book

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